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Free Food Pics

 Above: Artist studio in Sacramento, California
Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Writing

 Above: Author, Farrell Hamann
фотографии питание от Старого Волосы жопа сам

 New art Museum now open. Call: 916-641-7696 Do not miss the opportunity to see this fantastic collection! Nowhere else on the planet Earth can you see work of this magnificence!

Need some good basic food pics, get them here.
Donate to any food bank or poor person and you can use these photographs for free!
Imágenes libres de alimentos (fotos) Todo lo que tienes que hacer para usar estos de forma gratuita es para ayudar a la mala alimentación o donar.
Gold plated potato chip

 Coffee and Cinnamon Roll
Above: Rush Limbaugh's (Limbaughzbub) housekeeper shook a bunch of these gold plated potato chips out of his pants. There were enough in there to feed a party with 40 guests!

 How to make Rush Limbaugh stew
Cupcakes with sprinkles

Baked fish, organic white sweet potato

Easter candy peeps from the dollar store. Cute!
Easter Bunny Rabbit Peeps

Blueberries in plastic package

Fig ripening in a fig tree in Sacramento, California

Milkshake with whipped cream and cherry
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Eat right to stay fit like me (or fitter) Shown hoisting very heavy set of custom barbells.

Very tasty chocolate fudge brownie!

Beet Burgers

Orange slices

Ever see a Swiss Cheese with as large a hole or bubble as the above?
Pot pie

Wife with eyes blue like the Ellensberg Agate forces me to bake these elegant cookies every year! If I don't she will burn me on the butt with a match as I sleep. haha, fancy store bought!!

Baked Fish, Avacado, broccoli, sour cream

Peas, yellow potato, baked fish

Pita bread (toasted)

Eggs, sausage, pita bread

Chocolate Truffles

Yellow Cake
(not uranium no matter what feckless fool, George W. Bush might say)

Black rat and dinner
It is really a Montecito Cheese Rat, the favored pet of the billionaires of Montecito, CA

(Wife says that I take giant bites, took this pic to prove her wrong!)
 2 double burgers

Burnt grilled cheese sandwiches

Raw sugar and "pud" sculpture

Chocolate cover mini donuts and green bug

Tree with oranges

Wild fennel

Tall drink with straw
I call this beverage "Sewers of Paris" Invented it for the GOP

Tray of lovely Mexican pastry

Cup (mug) of coffee with fly in it. Yum!

Giant box of M&M's Peanut intended for retailers. 

Cream of Wheat Chocolate (instant) from the dollar store)

Focaccia/olive Parmesan

BBQ Chicken

Ripe Mission olives in Sacramento, California tree

Grease ball, burger animal fat, clogged arteries

Pure fat (well nearly) I call this one Rush Limbaughzbub for the greasy traitor, El Rusbo

Cherries in a blue bowl
Cherry pit spitting: Think your own the world record? Probably not! 

The Cherry pit store. (for filling bean bags, use hot or cold for therapy, etc. Want a 40 lb. bag? You can get it here. 

Potato chips with green onions in white bowl

Soft Ice Cream Cone made for husband by wife

Baby bok Choy, steak, corn bread


Red Pears


California Bird Dude

Acrylic Paintings


Famous Castles, Palaces, and Museum Quality Toys

I'm going to start accepting writing assignments again (I  had writer's file with The Tonight Show back in the day/circa Carson) You can contact me via email (below) or twitter: @farrellhamann.


Another writer you might try is Olivia. Check out her site at: Freelance Writing by a Professional

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Above: My cheapskate special Papyrus card recycled from a Papyrus bag.

Art Malibu

Knight of the Imperial Order of the Opossum (IOOTO) 

 Peeled Orange


Lemons and limes
Potatoes (spuds)

Edible peppers
Sweet Corn
"My my American Pie" One bite would kill a fly.
Bad pie from the Golden Arches. GMOs?

Dark Chocolate

Gourmet dish daughter whipped up. Cottage cheese, avocado, tortilla
Sad little criminals and their crimes 
Moonbeams on your Naked Booty 

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Trump Hotels burn your toast and the Donald's hair looks like ass
Someone get Rush Limbaugh a colonic please. Guy has a load in his pants!

Fotos gratis de alimentos. Puede utilizar estos, pero sería agradable si usted hizo algo para ayudar a los pobres.

CIA, MI6, NSA, FBI, Deep Fear Test for Agents and Assets. Cockroaches, Scorpions, Aggressive Chickens. 
 Photo Mosaic: Beverly Hills/Malibu/Brentwood Fine Art


Pizza with cauliflower

Edible, lick off tattoo (Not a product of Pillsbury or ConAgra)

 Raw eggs in carton

Tiny Dill Pickle

See, I'm the master of self-serve soft ice cream cones. Did this myself!!

Cauliflower, Broccoli, Chicken, Onions. Roasted

Green Onions
Scalloped Potatoes with Spinach

Support Net Freedom, oppose SOPA
Stop NDAA 
Above: Trump hotels loaded with radioactive granite emitting radon gas? Anybody check? Bad pizza is one thing but radon, woo!!

Farrell Hamann Fine Art Sacramento/Montecito
@farrellhamann on twitter

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